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  • The 12 Ultimate Bucket List Fishing Trips
    Everyone has that bucket list fishing trip burning away at the back of their mind. For some, it’s a remote, icy stream with nothing but the soft swish of a fly rod for company. Others imagine heavy tackle reels screaming under the strain of a 1,000 lb sea monster. Whatever it is, it’s the thing you spend your life working toward. The reason to keep improving your game.
  • Fishing Lake Texoma: A Complete Guide
    We’re not exaggerating when we say that a Lake Texoma fishing adventure is something every angler should experience at least once!
  • Fishing in Norway: The Complete Guide
    Perched like a cap on top of the Old Continent, Norway is one of Europe’s most exquisite fisheries. The country boasts elite saltwater angling, an unparalleled freshwater bite, and a fishing culture spanning over a thousand years. Combine that with its stunningly rugged scenery, and you’ll see why fishing in Norway should be on top of any angler’s wish list. 

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Whether you need to buy, sell, lease, finance or research a new vessel, Gary is your local point of entry into a world of creative solutions in the yachting community.


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“Gary recently found a cruising yacht for our family after we searched over a year. Gary handled the transaction between the parties efficiently and kept us informed of progress throughout."
- Mike Pilkington

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My experience in the local yachting community, combined with international exposure, ensures that every client I represent reaches their safe harbour, near and far.


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