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  • Spanish Along the Beach
    Linnea and her friends wanted to go bottom fishing. And we had that in mind as we trolled a couple of spoons out through John's Pass and started catching a few Spanish mackerel. By the time we got to JP MoA, there was plenty of storm activity offshore, so we decided it would be best to troll down the beach and see if we could keep the Spanish thing going. And we did. After an hour or two, Linnea and her friends forgot all about bottom fishing. By radio, we heard from some of the other boats that were farther offshore and they were getting wet so we felt like we made the right decision. Plus, it's bad practice to leave fish to find fish. You don't know that you will find them!
  • 19852
    Reading Time: 10 minutes There’s an old …
  • Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Rico: A Complete Guide
    Most islands in the world boast good fishing, but Puerto Rico is off the scales. Situated at the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s at the crossroads of some of the world’s best fisheries. Come deep sea fishing in Puerto Rico and see what all the fuss is about!



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Whether you are a diver, fishing enthusiast or looking for a beautiful sunset cruise, Gary is your guide to Maritime Operations in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.


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Our crew will help you set up, serve and clean up. We also can provide catering services–ask about our fresh seasonal seafood options.

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Your charter can be customised with hourly options and easily booked by contacting me. We are also available for offshore transactions, sunset cruises, dive trips, burials at sea, and tours throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.


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