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Yacht Management Services

Do you worry about your yacht when you are away?

Spend more for maintenance than you would like?

Is your yacht more work than fun?

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Technical Support

– Provide detailed periodic vessel systems inspections.

– Coordinate and supervise maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

– Provide up-to-date vessel reports to ensure condition of vital systems.

Financial Management

– Review work planned, underway and completed with associated expenses.

– Manage and track work projects to an agreed-upon completion within budget.


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Our Mission

Our Mission

Give the yacht owner the freedom to enjoy their time on board through custom-tailored advice and support, ensuring your yacht is maintained and operated in safety and comfort. We manage the day-to-day business of yacht operation.


Logistics and Operations

– Relocate, stage and provision your yacht.

– Locate, supply and ship spare or replacement parts.

– Arrange for the transportation of guests and crew.

Crew Management

– Provide captain, crew and service personnel to meet your needs.

– Ensure contractors are certified and insured.

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Many of our clients are absentee owners and they retain us to look after their yachts to make sure they are ready to go when they arrive.

Your safety is our primary concern.




Safety and Security

– Provide vessel familiarization and owner/operator training.

– Manage regulatory inspections and facilitate compliance with industry standards.

Emergency Management

– Ensure you have the proper emergency equipment registered and working.

– Provide necessary and appropriate resources to meet any emergency that may take place on shore or underway to give you peace of mind.


Please check out these files for additional information

Yacht Management Tips (pdf)

Serious Questions for your Boat Insurance Underwriter (doc)

Authorization to Relocate Vessel (doc)

Captain’s Rate Chart for Delivery (doc)

MO Vessel Delivery Contract (doc)

MO Yacht Management Agreement (doc)


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