It's alive!!

to go!

New Client launch. Do this then wait 20 minutes:

Flow 0: Open and clone their template - Take 20 minutes

Flow 1 : Cloudways Hosting & Cloudflare Domain

O Click on applications to find the newly created site. Adjust Settings to show new site owner

O Domain Management > Create new domain as in cloudways

O Make the new the primary domain:

O > > DNS > Add A Record of sub.ex from:

O Access Details in Cloudways to find server IP and paste into Cloudflare

O Install SSL certificate with and domain

O Visit the new domain, copy and paste these crons into cloudways Advanced

0 4 * * * wget -q -O -
0 4 * * * wget -q -O -
*/5 * * * * wget -q -O -
*/5 * * * * wget -q -O -

Flow 2

Wordpress & User Dashboard


B I<3


O Adjust name in Homepage heading: Gary Spivack

O Get 3 homepage image sliders from their listings

O Get youtube embed code - simply replace the 4EKnzGx8Wlo with the new ID

O Adjust Details and chatGPT bio to be perfect

If a new Brand:

Get their logo, hex colors, favicon

Google Analytics setup in the custom code section and FB pixel

If new brand

  • delete all posts
  • Sell page

Reel Success! > Admin email 

Force WP SMTP Pro email to be from the site

Gary Spivack
and support@

Manage Imports > Change XML & RSS

Home Page

Change social media at the bottom

If new brand: Change home description, sell descriptions

Congrats your new site is live in Cloudflare & Cloudways! Thx
This site has been completed & reviewed by:(Required)
Any custom work you completed?


Flow 3: Create Admin User & Begin Marketing

Create new user and allow them to adjust the dashboard

Create mailchimp audience

Create mailchimp campaign

Paste this code which includes their branding and logo

Connect mailchimp to all inbound forms

Setup reveal bot ad campaigns

Setup report garden