Where To Cook Your Catch in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach

Where To Cook Your Catch in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach

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With the bountiful Gulf Stream whizzing up its shores, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach offer a year-round abundance of fish rarely found anywhere else. Not only that, the two towns offer a variety of restaurants that will turn your bounty of the sea into a true culinary delight. Here’s where you can cook your catch in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.

a view of the fort lauderdale waterways
The beautiful waterways of Fort Lauderdale


Address: 429 Seabreeze Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

If upscale waterfront dining is your thing, look no further than Coconuts. This upscale joint provides a casual setting, where you can enjoy “magazine cover” delicacies all the while enveloped by the uninterrupted view Fort Lauderdale’s intracoastal waterways.

crab cake salad and a glass of white wine in coconut restaurant fort lauderdale

The restaurant offers a wide variety of sides for you to choose, including coleslaw, tomatoes, fries, rice, and many others. For $15 per person, the staff will grill, blacken, or fry your catch. Just make sure you call a few hours in advance.


Address: 1541 Cordova Road, Fort Lauderdale

Welcoming customers since 1967, Quarterdeck is the perfect escape from the town’s bustle, and a genuine local favorite. Keeping the South Florida charm alive, this place has been home to countless reunions, get-togethers, and fateful encounters. According to Paul Flanigan, the founder, high-school kids come to work summers here where their parents first met.

lobster roll with a beach view from quarterdeck fort lauderdale

Quarterdeck will grill, blacken, or fry your fish, and serve it with a side of your choosing, for $13.99. To wash it down, you’ll have a variety of craft cocktails and beer to choose from.

If you’re in for a real feel of what Fort Lauderdale is about, Coconuts is a no-brainer.

The Rusty Hook Tavern

Address: 125 Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach

One look at Rusty Hook’s menu, and you know that these guys mean business. Right on the water, this place is perfect for a sunset dinner. The restaurant also has its own dock, so you’ll be able to jump in straight from your boat.

salmon in rusty hook tavern

You can have your catch prepared in a variety of ways, each more delicious than the last. We recommend a two course approach: a sashimi to open things up, and then the main with a few sides to finish it off.

Seaside Grill

Address: 1406 N. Ocean Boulevard, Pompano Beach

Boasting scenic beachside views and culinary specials to die for, Seaside Grill has something for every taste. Seaside’s frosty cocktails are reason enough for people to return to this place – Add the food to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a culinary love affair.  

a fish fillet with sides in seaside grill

Local charter captains are regulars in Seaside Grill, and you can often find them bringing their catch in for lunch. You can do this too, of course. For $19.99, Seaside will fry, blacken, or grill your fish, and you’ll have two sides to add to your meal.

Fish Shack

Address: 2862 Northeast 17th Avenue, Pompano Beach

If you’re looking for a more affordable dining option, but would still like to enjoy restaurant-grade seafood, Fish Shack is the place for you. Don’t be fooled by its “hole-in-the-wall appearance, this place is one of the most popular seafood joints in town.

fish shack

For just $10, these guys will cook up to a pound of your catch, and serve it with two sides.

Whichever of these restaurants you choose, you’ll end up with a feast on your hands. Each will cook your catch to perfection, serve you delicious drinks to water it all down, and give you an overall experience to last a lifetime. Or at least until next year.

All of the restaurants we just mentioned will happily accept the fish you bring. Just make sure that your catch is cleaned and filleted before you hand it over.

Which hook-and-cook restaurants in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach would you recommend? What are some of your favorite dishes? Let us know in the comments below.

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